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Purpose of Marriage Exchange 2019

Purpose of Marriage Exchange 2019

Sinopsis Purpose of Marriage Exchange 2019

My wife, Nanhee, tries to revive her husband, Young-young, who has hard sex after marriage. However, Moo-young’s sexual desire, once cooled down, does not show any signs of return and begins to show symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
But Nanhee does her best to do her best for her husband, Moo-young.
In spite of such efforts, Mooyoung does not have an erection. Then one day, Yuna and the couple move to their next door.
Genie and Yuna, who have been married for five years, are better at drinking than other newlyweds. Nan-hee, who is envious of Yuna’s and genitals’ taboos, visits Yuna and hears the secrets of her taboos.
The secret of their couple is to give each other freedom of sex once a month, rather than a “Roman holiday.”
Nan-hee, listening to the secret and thinking about her husband’s Mu-young, can’t do anything and realizes.
Mooyoung, however, does not like Roman holidays. Nan-hee is forced to hold a Roman holiday with Yuna, secretly, to Moo-young.
Mooyoung knows nothing and has a relationship with Yuna. Like lie, erectile dysfunction is treated.
After that, Moo-young and Nan-hee become pregnant and get better.
In celebration of pregnancy, the genitals offer Mooyoung a Roman holiday, which Mooyoung accepts.

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Purpose of Marriage Exchange 2019 Subtitle Indonesia

Duration: 79 min

Quality: HD