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Next Door Babes 2019

Next Door Babes 2019

Sinopsis Next Door Babes 2019

Uncle Kyu-nam fell in the interview today.
Hair loss due to job stress, gasping medicine, and a nagging girlfriend who promised marriage.
It’s been a few years since the painful life of unemployed people. Then something happened to him a few days ago.
The girl next door is in snow.
Kyu-nam and the young lady next door, who are unemployed, begin to enjoy secret sex from their girlfriends’ eyes.
Then, one day, she hears the sound of Cheongcheon wall power at the store.

The reason it doesn’t work is because of ghosts. .
It is also that the ghost is right next to it. .
At first, I didn’t believe it was ridiculous, but Kyu-Nam became increasingly suspicious of the girl next door.
Kyu-nam is looking for clues toward the girl next door.
Was the lady next door really a ghost, as the shaman said?

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Next Door Babes 2019 Subtitle Indonesia

Duration: 76 min

Quality: HD