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My Friends Mother Chapter 11 2018

My Friends Mother Chapter 11 2018

Sinopsis My Friends Mother Chapter 11 2018

Episode 1
Yui is a lonely housewife with a college son.
She sends her son Takeshi to school and soothes loneliness at home on a leisurely afternoon, and one day, a text comes from her.
Curiously, Yui has an instant meeting with Shigeru, who has been contacted through a dating site.
Yui, who thought of it as a night’s mischief, never thought about seeing Shigeru again. But the next day, he meets him again as a friend of Takeshi.

Surprise for a while, Shigeru uses this to intimidate Yui and demands a relationship.

Episode 2
Shinya’s friend Akira often goes to his house to play computer games.
Today, while playing games at Shinya’s house, I’m envious of Shinya talking with her mother.
Shiori, Shinya’s mother, is kind, friendly, and pretty, and Akira is always envious of Shinya.
One day, Akira happens to see Shiori, who was the object of her admiration, masturbating.
That day Akira was shocked as the illusion of Shiori collapsed.
Captured by the betrayal, Akira horribly drives Shiori off and loses reason and makes her his possession.

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My Friends Mother Chapter 11 2018 Subtitle Indonesia

Duration: 63 min

Quality: HD