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Friend Dad 2 2018

Friend Dad 2 2018

Sinopsis Friend Dad 2 2018

Kannanna became a single girl even when his grandfather was alone.
She is still a college student and she lives in a friend’s house.
In the house are the father of Eri and the husband of Jerry.
Soon after four people lived together, Kanna went to school
My class was canceled and I returned to my home earlier than usual. Her husband, who should have gone to work,
You hear secretly talking to someone at home.

He became the son-in-law of the house to inherit his father’s company,
Soon after, I was planning to run away with my company money.
Kana, who has come to know of this fact, is amazed and discovers.
So he forced off the clothes of Kanna, took pictures,

I started to threaten her with this …

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Friend Dad 2 2018 Subtitle Indonesia

Duration: 62 min

Quality: HD-UNCUT