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Exposure 2015

Exposure 2015

Sinopsis Exposure 2015

Having won a big prize for his novel at a young age, Haye rescues him by chance on his way home.
Jun is a model for taking a picture of a pale picture, which was a way of escaping from the western side of the pillar, and she dismisses him as soon as she saw him.
She says that she wants to make a reward for living along with Haye. So they share hot sex.
Since then, Jun has visited a regular pub in Haye, where he stays and sees Hayman alone.
However, Wahei is at first glance at Miura Chitose, a friend of his childhood neighborhood who came to see him. She tells Haye to help her write a novel once again, and she decides to live her life again.
Take the pen you were holding and write down a novel. Hey. Finally, a publisher in Tokyo decided to give his book,
Chitose calls Haye into his home as if to encourage him, and he loves wildly.
And Haye is proud of her courage, but she is just as immature as the human potential
He is called an assistant to raise it to the maximum value.
I am greatly shocked and want to start my own life again to wrap my luggage at home.
He remembers forever the presence of his supporters and invites her to go out together.

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Exposure 2015 Subtitle Indonesia

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