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Double Extacy – Beautiful Cops 2019

Double Extacy – Beautiful Cops 2019

Sinopsis Double Extacy – Beautiful Cops 2019

The ace female detective combinations in the crackdown squad Ayaka and Yuri.
They’re completely opposite to home, personality, ways of investigating, and sex,
He is the best investigator of the arrest rate, arresting numerous criminals with perfect breathing.
Recently, two men pursuing the new drug production and distribution channel were on the line of Ayaka’s police motive and Virgin Breaker’s first man, Hoshi.

Ayaka shakes between his mission as an investigator and his burning love again.

On the other hand, the risk of fateful encounter also comes to Yuri, who is freely engaged with men.

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Double Extacy – Beautiful Cops 2019 Subtitle Indonesia

Duration: 74 min

Quality: HD