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A Young Widow 2018

A Young Widow 2018

Sinopsis A Young Widow 2018

The husband who runs the BAR, after her husband Haruto died in an accident,
Thank you Tanaka for the comfort and interest of his friend.
Then one day, a Korean man, Min Kyu, came to the bar,
The mind of the spirit is shaken to the appearance of the minigyu which is the same as the dead Haruto.
One day, Mingyu went to the house of the souls to see a picture of Haruto
I know why the spirit likes oneself, and I feel more and more in heart.
On the other hand, Tanaka,
It reveals her kinky desire to Yui who works at her BAR …
He confesses to Yui that he killed his friend Haruto to take away the spirit.
Yui, who followed the strange person like a child, takes revenge on Tanaka instead of a stranger.

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A Young Widow 2018 Subtitle Indonesia

Duration: 70 min

Quality: HD-UNCUT