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A Wife Of A Team Leader 2018

A Wife Of A Team Leader 2018

Sinopsis A Wife Of A Team Leader 2018

Byeon-sik went to the newly-married house of the company leader,

I am surprised to see the lagoon wife, Alain.
The reason is that Aaron was a couple at college who once was dating.
Aaron, the first love affair of a sickness that suddenly disappeared when she left her old sickness and went to study abroad.
Such an aunt was married to the boss of the boss’s boss
Sickness is surrounded by an unbelievable betrayal.

However, after the story of Aaran, who had to leave side by side, he did not come back late.
Furthermore, Aaran disillusioned with the perverted sexuality that his husband Lagos poured upon himself
I am living an unfortunate life
Still knowing that Aaran is in love with the bottle, the two suffer from pain.

The lagoon, rather than the company’s subordinates,
The sickness, knowing that he has committed an affair for a long time, must visit Aaran.
On the eve of a sudden long-term trip to the lagoon, the ceremony was invited to the house of the lagoon
Everyone gets drunk and gets to work at home and at home.

Manson, who has noticed, threatens to expose the lagoon,
Inevitably, the sickness falls into deep relationship with the mignon.
The first love through the martial arts
When I realized that I had no other way to think of it as a sexual tool,
I want to distress the two people, but I do not want to be …

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A Wife Of A Team Leader 2018 Subtitle Indonesia

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